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Berks County Law Journal- FAQ's

What is the Berks County Law Journal?
  • The ENTIRE weekly Berks County Law Journal publication is now available in electronic format.
  • You can view and download it from our website in a Portable Data Format file (pdf).
  • All information is searchable - all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download FREE on www.adobe.com».
What are the advantages of the electronic format?

Searching - You will be able to search by name, city, firm, statutes, or any word in the dictionary within the publication, saving you time and money.
Example: If you search for an attorney name a listing will come up for every appearance of that name in the entire publication. (Searches are better viewed with Adobe 8.0 Reader and higher versions).

  • The Index and Table of Contents are available making the search feature within sections of the publication easy to find.
  • You can copy and paste any portions of the text to another document.
  • Early delivery: You will receive the electronic version 2 to 3 days earlier than the mailed paper copy.
  • File format: You will receive the file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, a very universal format.
  • You can increase the size of the type to fit your vision: You will be able to change the font format in the electronic version suitable to your vision needs. Adobe pdf format will allow you to Zoom IN or OUT.
  • Forms will be easier to fill-in: All registration forms in the publication will be available for you to fill in, print and mail. (Bar Events and CLE registrations).
  • Opinion case types and topics will be categorized (criminal, family law). If the Opinion is of interest you will be able to click and view. A link to our website is provided.
  • Download the weekly Law Journal file into your computer: Read and refer to it later, or just delete it.
  • It will save the Association money eliminating printing and postage costs: If offices with several members at the same location elect to receive all copies but one electronically, it will reduce the number of hard copies printed and mailed which are thrown away weekly. Keep one copy for your library and one copy on your computer.
  • Reduce the paper clutter in your office.
What are the disadvantages of the electronic format?
  • If you do not clean your mail box frequently and if your ISP or mail server has space allocation restrictions, you will not be able to get the files on time. You must clean your mailbox regularly.
How do I sign up?
  • Call Karen Loeper at 610-375-4591 or subscribe online».  The Electronic Version is immediately available.
If I receive the electronic version, do I still get a hard copy?
  • No - the purpose is to provide you with a completely searchable version of the printed, hardcopy version earlier in the week plus eliminate costly printing and postage costs.
  • You will be able to return to the paper version if you are not happy with the electronic format. Just call Karen Loeper at 610-375-4591.
If I get the electronic version without a hard copy, do I get a hard copy of the opinions?
  • No. However, all head noted Opinions are posted here on the Berks County Bar Website - Opinions».
  • Suggestion: Firms with more than one attorney member of the BCBA can keep a paper version subscription which includes the hard copy of the Opinion.