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Bench-Bar Conference 2018

Seminar Handouts

Click on the links of the handouts that you need. Please consider saving to your computer or to a cloud storage and file sharing system such as Google Docs.

Time Seminar Name

9:00 AM

Criminal Bench Roundtable

Criminal Bench Roundtable (PDF) 4,709 KB

9:00 AM

Avoiding Malpractice

Handouts to be provided at seminar.

10:15 AM

Criminal Law Update

Criminal Law Update (PDF) 1,659 KB

10:15 AM

Parental Alienation, Part 1 and 2

Parental Alienation and Reconciliation Therapy: Moving Toward Healthy Families (PDF) 1,410 KB

10:15 AM

Learning Professionalism from Billy Joel

Billy Joel and the Practice of Law: Melodies to Which a Lawyer Might Work (PDF) 1,333 KB

10:15 AM

Right to Know Today

Overview of the Right-To-Know-Law (PDF) 1,697 KB

10:15 AM

Business Evaluation for Estate Planners

Asset Valuations in Estate Matters (PowerPoint Presentation) 71 KB

11:30 AM

MDJ Roundtable

MDJ Roundtable (PDF) 123 KB

11:30 AM

Municipal Law Update

2018 Municipal Law Update (PDF) 286 KB

11:30 AM

Ethics for Estate Planners

Ethical Issues in Estate Planning (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) 641 KB

1:45  PM

Helping the Judge and the Attorney with Substance Abuse

Targeted Residential Treatment for Impaired Lawyes: At Your Back Door (PDF)

3:00 PM

Ethics for the Criminal Bar

Attorney Disqualification and Other Ethical Issues (PDF) 1,941 KB

3:00 PM

Tech in Family Law and its Admission into Evidence (2 handouts)

Validation and Evidentiary considerations of Social Media (PDF) 20,619 KB

Capture Social Media with Page Vault (PDF) 191 KB

3:00 PM

Settlement Approaches and Voir Dire Practice in Berks County

Settlement Approaches and Voir Dire Practice in Berks County (PDF) 670 KB

3:00 PM

Ethics for Municipal Law Practitioners

Ethics for Municipal Practitioners (PDF) 4,236 KB

3:00 PM

Top Ten Orphans’ Court Cases

Top Ten Orphans' Court Cases (PDF) 400 KB

4:15 PM

The New SORNA Law

Pennsylvania's SORNA Update Spring 2018 (PDF) 1,576 KB

4:15 PM

Getting Paid in Family Law

Getting Paid in Family Law Matters - Software Review and Practical Tips (PDF) 121 KB

4:15 PM

Nuts and Bolts of ADR

Nuts and Bolts of ADR (PDF) 1,331 KB